London Reese x Julia Michaels x Vevo Lift

My insanely talented homie, Julia Michaels, recently released her debut song, "Issues", and mini album and is now busy taking over the world. We had the opportunity to hang out and discuss tattoos, art, and music, as part of her Vevo Lift special. I've tattooed a bunch of cool tattoos on her, and we've grown to be good friends. In this video special, she talks about her personal journey as an artist and as a human. We even did a small tattoo on her back. This girl is amazing. She is a songwriter for a ton of pop stars, and now she is one, herself, with her rad solo debut. I'm real proud of this kid and I love her humility, zest for life and passion for the arts. Check it out below!

London Reese's studio : The Black Lantern

We are pleased to announce that Orange County, California's premier art gallery and tattoo studio is NOW OPEN! Owner & resident artist, London Reese, has spent the past decade, traveling the world, sharing his art and tattoo work with people from all walks of life. His work is internationally published & recognized, has earned him numerous awards, the world over, and even earned him the title of the television competition series, "Best Ink". He tattoos celebrities, athletes and musicians, regularly. London, along with an impressive roster of artists, have opened The Black Lantern in the heart of downtown Dana Point, CA, in the "Lantern District". 

We are excited to announce that the incredibly talented, Josh Woods, has moved from Nashville, TN and is working with us, full-time. We are also extremely pleased to have the talents of Sean Hall, from Los Angeles, CA, joining the team, full-time. We are honored to have these gentlemen joining the The Black Lantern family. 

The Black Lantern is the first tattoo studio in the world to have the interior painted with a microbicidal paint called "Paint Shield", a new technology in paint, designed for medical establishments with the intent of preventing infection, disease & blood borne pathogen contamination. This special paint absorbs and kills infections such as Staph, MRSA, E. Coli and more, for years to come. This is only one step we have taken to ensure a clean and sterile environment for the health and safety of our clients.

The Black Lantern is Southern California's brand new destination for beautiful art & tattoo work and we are thrilled to offer an entirely new experience with the public. Our warm, inviting gallery, high quality of work and professionalism will undoubtedly be the new standard in our industry. Welcome to our sanctuary of art. Welcome to The Black Lantern.