About London Reese

 I am merely a man; suffocated by art. I am a southern California native who loves life and all of the art in it. I grew up with a pencil in hand and an unrelenting passion for illustration. I have always been an artist. I grew up listening to rock and roll & punk rock, skateboarding & snowboarding with friends, and making art. I fell in love with tattoo art and culture at a very young age and have immersed myself in it.

     I did my first few tattoos in 2006 while studying art in college. It wasn't until 2008 that I began tattooing full-time. I am self taught, in that I never had an apprenticeship; but I credit all of the people I've worked with, over the years, for teaching me everything I know. I've had the privilege of working alongside and befriending some of the best artists in the world and I am the artist I am today because of their influence and guidance. I am forever grateful for the friendships that this industry has provided.

     In the summer of 2011, I competed in and won the title of the reality television show, "Best Ink", a tattoo competition which aired worldwide. I am fortunate enough to have do what I love, and travel the world, permanently sharing my art with some incredible clients. I am lucky enough to be an award-winning artist and to have had my art and tattoo work published in several magazines and books all over the world. I tattoo a lot of amazing people; including celebrities, lawyers, professional athletes, firemen, pastors, musicians, doctors, and more. I also host the docuseries, Backstage Ink, where I tattoo and interview celebrities, backstage, behind the scenes of their crazy lives. I constantly strive to progress, as an artist, as to strengthen my skill set and offer my clients with the very best possible work. The art of tattooing is sacred to me and I am honored to be able to create permanent artwork on skin.

     When I am not tattooing, I am usually working on new art or traveling the world with my beautiful wife and daughter. I also enjoy surfing, traveling to far away worlds, getting lost, listening to music & going to live shows, and spending time with family & friends.